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ems Fitness machines weight loss

ems Fitness machines weight loss

ems Fitness machines weight loss
ems Fitness machines weight lossems Fitness machines weight lossems Fitness machines weight lossems Fitness machines weight lossems Fitness machines weight loss
Key WordsFitness machines weight loss
Functionelectric muscle stimulation
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Update Time2022/7/1
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Fitness machines weight loss ems electric muscle stimulation
What is EMS? (electric muscle stimulation)

EMS revolution

Under normal conditions, the muscle receives a signal from the brain. EMS technology directly transmits the signal to the muscles and muscles through the current stimulus.

The principle of physical massage of electronic acupuncture, using low-frequency pulses, imitating the six basic techniques of acupuncture massage, 10 strength massage strength. Rapidly improve the body's local blood circulation and promote metabolism. The principle of using multi-faceted fitness massage and the need to consume fat when the muscles are shaken

EMS movement mode:

Muscles are made up of very fine muscle fibers that can be roughly divided into fast and slow speeds. Rapid development is easier and requires exercise to get tight. However, in general exercise, it is necessary to exercise quickly through high-intensity anaerobic exercise. EMS can selectively exercise muscles even under low load conditions, and more quickly reflect changes in muscle appearance.

What are the characteristics of our muscle training massager?

1. The core powerful integrated intelligent microelectronic technology adopts EMS, AIC artificial intelligence chip technology and ICS intelligent control technology.

2. The smart chip architecture uses a low-power design for lasting comfort.

3. Eliminate fatigue, stimulate muscles, promote blood circulation in various massage parts, and burn fat.

4. Exercise and use correctly. Suitable for all occasions.

5. The product adopts wireless remote control design, which is light and exquisite.

6. Use ABS FIT in the abdomen and use BODY FIT once a day (about 30 minutes) for 3 months.

Technical Parameters

Name 8 piece fitness belt abdominal muscle paste

Product composition: 3 host + belt + 2 arm stickers + color box + manual + USB cable + plastic

Size 24*19*4.5

Use mode AF (6 modes)

Working time 12 minutes

Voltage Alkaline 1.5V AAA Battery X 2EA

Recommended temperature frequency 1-100Hz
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