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Laser Mole Removal Equipment

Laser Mole Removal Equipment

Issue Time:2019/12/02

Before people performing mole removal treatment, we must first find out the type of your moles, there are junctional nevus nevi, compound nevi and intradermal nevi. Junctional nevus is a very small diameter portion of the position in the epidermis, the epidermis is the dermis compound nevi site has one and junctional nevus higher than skin, intradermal nevi larger area in the dermis and the skin surface of the hair, if not clean will remove grow back out. The mole removal laser instrument is the use of instant emission of huge energy laser effectively penetrate the skin layer, so that pigment granules in an instant expansion, rupture, the formation of fine particles tiny part of directly excreted in part by phagocytosis by macrophages in vivo excreted with the lymphatic circulation and eventually return to normal skin color, it is a popular beauty salon welcome laser mole removal equipment.

For mole removal laser equipment selection, junctional nevus treatment recommended Q-switched laser beauty instrument, no clinical anesthesia, require high energy to the treatment site for treatment until bleeding. Mixed nevus and intradermal nevus recommend using super-pulsed carbon dioxide laser treatment, local anesthesia may be necessary to achieve the purpose of removal, mole for such treatment, it is recommended to the hospital dermatology, targeted therapy. Locally after mole removal laser treatment instrument wounds, not cleaning the bathroom; surgery may scab 5-7 days will naturally fall off, postoperative care also need to be very important.

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